Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a trial version?

What is Arcon?

Do I need CAD experience?

Is it easy to use?

Can I produce drawings for planning submission?

What about building regs and working drawings?

Can I produce elevations and cross-sections?

Shop & Ordering

I have an older version, is there an upgrade path?

Refund policy

How does the download order work?

Installation & Setup

Can I transfer my licence to a new computer?

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

How do I manually activate the software?

Construction Mode

My ceiling and floor colours are linked, how do I change them?

How do I zoom into my drawing?

How do I choose to draw using the inside or outside wall edges?

Why can't I edit an element I have drawn in construction mode?

Why does my cursor 'jump' around the drawing?

How do I remove the SH/PH text from my windows?

Design Mode

How do I draw my 3D model?

How do I add objects or textures?

How do I colour just a single wall?

How do I select glass/transparent objects to move and edit them?

I'm struggling to place objects when in a 3D view

Creative Lines

I can't see my symbols in Creative Lines


I get an error message: No Connection to Calculator

What version of Windows will Arcon run on?

Will it run on Mac OS?

I can't print on a single sheet

Why can't I import my DXF/DWG?