Professional CAD software for architects and building professionals. The all-in-one application for detailed 2D drawings and high quality 3D visualisations

Craftbot Plus - White

Physical architectural models help impress clients and provides a visual perspective that blueprints and renderings can’t. Now you can design your architectural model with Arcon Evo CAD software and get it printed with Craftbot 3D printer. 



Easy to use 3D printers
The Craftbot has been designed for both new users who want to start experimenting with 3D printing, as well as more experienced users that are looking for a new machine to take printing to the next level. Craftbot works right out of the box; all you need to do is load your 3D model, slice it with Craftware software and print it. Incorporated QVGA LCD touchscreen, it makes easy to control your 3D printer.

Highest quality guaranteed
The Craftbot PLUS 3D printer took all the desirable features found in the best 3D printers in the market, and combined them into one high quality and affordable 3D printer. Each Craftbot 3D printer is developed using high-quality laser-cut metals and CNC-milled components, then assembled with the utmost precision. Every printer is individually tested by strictest quality standards to ensure that you can achieve the highest standards of 3D printing with Craftbot right from the beginning. 

Extremely detailed 3D printing
Craftbot Plus 3D printers incorporate extremely detailed 100 micron print resolution to ensure that the finished 3D model has a great deal of detail and precision in its design. In addition, Craftbot has a sizeable footprint and one of the largest build volumes in its class, capable of printing large objects (250x200x200 mm). The build platform is heated to prevent from problems occurring with bending or warping. This means no more glue stick for ABS prints.

Free Slicing Software - CraftWare
Craftbot 3D printers are controlled by an advanced and easy-to-use CraftWare software, that turns your digital 3D model into  .gcode toolpath information understood by Craftbot Plus 3D printers.  CraftWare utilises dual channel communication for real time interaction between the software and the 3D printer. With Craftware you can see your prints layer by layer and you can modify them before printing. 

Highly Affordable
Craftbot’s price tag puts it amongst the more affordable 3D printers in the market. Craftbot makes it affordable, easy and more accessible than ever to materialize your ideas in 3D models without affecting your budget.

Print files from Arcon Evo
With 3D printing becoming very important in architecture industry, there has been a demand for architectural CAD software specifically tailored to the design and printing of architectural models. Arcon Evo CAD application supports 3D printing capabilities, so you can design a model and get it printed with Crafbot 3D printer.




Printing   Physical dimensions

Printing technology:

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Frame dimensions:

X: 40 cm, 
Y: 36 cm, 
Z: 37 cm

Build volume:

25x20x20 cm

Layer resolution:

100 micron (ultra), 
200 micron (high), 
300 micron (medium)

With all parts attached:

X: 40 cm, 
Y: 46 cm, 
Z: 45 cm

Position precision:

X: 4 micron,
Y: 4 micron,
Z: 2 micron

Shipping box:

X: 46 cm, 
Y: 42 cm, 
Z: 43 cm

Filament diameter:

1.75 mm


14 kg

Nozzle diameter:

0.4 mm

Shipping weight:

17 kg

Print speed:

50-200 mm/s



Ambient temperature:

15-32 °C

Software package:


Storage temperature:

0-32 °C

File types:


Operating nozzle temperature:

180-260 °C


Windows 7 and above

 Operating heated build plate temperature:



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